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Brombach + Gess
Brombach + Gess
Brombach + Gess

Glass Service and Turnkey Projects

Refurbishment and Refitting

Even after the ships have been put into service and beyond the warranty period, we are at your disposal with our experience and know-how.

We support you at any time with the supply of window spare parts and also carry out large Refitting- and Refurbishment projects, considering the requirements of the customers and the criteria of the classification societies.

The tight schedules of a dry dock as well as the quality and safety standards are taken into account.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the management of large and complex projects, we have an excellent organisation and a fast and punctual service worldwide.



We co-founded "glued glazing“ in shipbuilding more than 30 years ago and thus built up “specialist knowledge" which we use for your success.
Over the years, we have accumulated an extensive database and can therefore supply you with exactly the glass you need!


We know that refitting and refurbishment projects are associated with time and cost pressure.
Here we use our specialist knowledge and experience from the new building project business as well as numerous refitting projects from the past.


Our contacts around the world are available to take care of your concerns, quick and easy.



Our certified specialists (glued glazing) implement our special knowledge in high quality for you.


Glass spare parts service

You can easily and conveniently identify what replacement glass you need in the Opens internal link in current windowcustomer login area of our website. Deck and glass plans for your ship are provided there. You will find the glasses listed with the associated order numbers there.

The replacement window you need is delivered worldwide for you. Naturally, you can also get the necessary adhesive materials from us.

Glass Exchange Service

For you, using our glass exchange service means: we take on the complete handling of your glass service job. Tell us which glass needs to be replaced - we coordinate the exchange of the glass according to your time and location specifications. Our certified (European Adhesive Bonders) and experienced installation team carries out the glass exchange.

  • We take on the complete handling of the glass service job

  • With our mobile “GlassBuG”, we can install glasses from the interior of the ship. We thus avoid using expensive port cranes.

Turn Key Projects - Refurbishment and Refitting

  • We manage complete glass refitting and refurbishment projects.

  • For example, installation and outfitting of additional  windscreens, sliding windows, glass facades  and refinishing of the sealant between the glasses.

  • We can deliver glass and steel structures!

To help make your refurbishment project a successful one, we recommend planning this project with our 3 step-plan that includes our extensive experience in glass works, glass care and refurbishment and refitting projects.

Step 1: 
Evaluating scope of work

At the beginning of such a project we offer to send an experienced glass expert to your ship to perform a glass check-up for better project planning and avoidance of surprising costs. This expert will help you to identify the glasses and the scope of the project.

Step 2: Choose our service for glass works

After identifying the scope of the glass works, you can choose between our services:

  • Glass Spare Parts Service
  • Complete Glass Exchange Service 

Step 3:  Glass Care Service

To ensure that your glass will stay in good condition we offer you a crew training on glass care. The crew will learn all necessary knowledge about the safe and correct handling of glass in matters of glass cleaning and jointing care.
Supplemented with our service for glass check-up, this will ensure you have an overview of the condition of the glasses on your vessel and also helps avoid irreparable damage to an otherwise repairable glass.

Glass check-up and glass maintenance training


This glass check-up service includes a detailed report which examines the condition of the glassses according to the following criteria:

  • immediate, necessary replacement, as the glass is broken or constitutes a safety hazard
  • optical disturbances for the passengers, which make the replacement of the glass seem reasonable.

An average value provides the urgency of the recommendation concerning the next step for the glass in question.

We help you to establish a budget for glass maintenance - particularly in advance of a dry dock project.

We are also happy to instruct your crew in the proper care and handling of glass and sealant maintenance!

Your benefits:

  • You get an overview of the condition of all glass on board.

  • By simply repairing damaged window seals, you can avoid major damage to the glass.

  • The urgency of the replacement is evaluated with consideration of upcoming time in the dry dock.

  • Correct budget estimation.




    Refitting and Refurbishment project
    Refitting and Refurbishment project
    Refitting and Refurbishment project
    Ship Glass Service
    Refitting and Refurbishment project


    Our spare part glasses are based on the following features so that you receive a high-quality product from us:

    • Heat-Soak Test
      A nickel sulfide inclusion in the glass that is not visible to the eye can lead to spontaneous glass breakage. In order to minimize the risk, our glasses are always tested by a heat-soak test. In this test, the glass is exposed to a heat load of 290 degrees over several hours.

    • Reinforced edge seal / edge screen printing
      To protect the adhesive material, which is not resistant to UV light, the adhesive manufacturer SIKA demands protection from direct sunlight.
      For this reason, a light-proof edge screen print is applied to the edge of the glass to protect the adhesive from UV light. At the same time, edge screen printing also has a decorative character, usually using screen printing in the form of a dot screen. Screen printing consists of a ceramic ink that cannot be removed.



    • Climate values and Glass color
      Brombach + Gess uses replacement glasses that has the same sun and heat protection coatings as the original glass in order to maintain the required climatic values of the glass.
      Failure to comply with the climatic values can represent an additional expense for air conditioning in the interior.
      In order to also guarantee the optical color impression to the remaining glasses in the facade, we ensure that the replacement glass has the same color type as the original glass.

    • DIN ISO 614
      Our glasses are tested according to DIN ISO 614 and marked with a special triangular stamp. The test is a non-destructive procedure for testing the breaking strength of toughened safety glass panes. This test procedure is demaned by the certification companies.


    Brombach + Gess

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