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Brombach + Gess




Special Glass

Walk-on glass


Walk-on glass allows for the “infinity feeling” for passengers – walking over a transparent glass bridge reveals a view of things worth seeing which are otherwise hidden. Walk-on glass is therefore used for floors or even as an underwater window.

In order to use roofing systems such as skylights or glass roofs as space which can be walked on, walk-on glass can also be used here.
Walk-on glass is available in a variety of designs. Naturally, we include the static design in the scope of delivery. Of course, walk-on glass also has a non-slip coating.

You can also freely choose the color of the glass, for example in the color of an attachments with lighting effects.

Transparent glass bridge
Transparent glass bridge
Transparent glass bridge
Transparent glass bridge

Curved glass

Free shapes and interesting surfaces – curved glass provides a particular highlight in your project.

In combination with our adhesive technology, entirely new architectural freedoms can be realized in terms of shape and design. Curved glass can be produced in all known glass structures.

Brombach + Gess
Brombach + Gess

Dimmable Glass

Dimmable solar control glass provides excellent thermal insulation and a pleasant room climate.
In this way, the light transmission of the glass can be flexibly adapted to the users need depending on the weather.
This is ensured by the variable g-value of the glass. In this way, the room-heating solar energy can
be „locked out“ with maximum dimming, letting in solar energy with minimum dimming.

Sun protection and daylight are not mutually exclusive - daylight transmission varies between 56 - 10% depending on the colouring of the glass.

Switchable glass

Modern glass technology makes it possible: switchable glass can be switched electronically between transparent or discretion with the flip of a switch.

With this technology, individual areas can be used for a variety of purposes and highlights can be created on board.

For example, the use of this glass technology in the shower room in a suite: the shower area as an extended area of the cabin clears the way for a panoramic view. When the shower is in use, the panes can be switched to discretion. Use as partition and projection walls is also possible. These and other highlights can be realized with this glass.

Printed glass

Printed glass – there are no limits here!

A variety of techniques allow for unlimited creativity in the design of glass surfaces and make a wide range of color and light impressions possible as a result.
Glass surfaces can be creatively finished with the help of sandblasting techniques, printing techniques and adhesive films. Special finishes such as mirror film or a matte finish also allow this glass to be used for privacy protection.

Brombach + Gess
Brombach + Gess
Brombach + Gess

Heated glass

Heated glass is predominantly used in those places where a clear view is required despite frost and a tendency towards condensation resulting from different temperatures on the inside and outside, alongside the normal performance for the glass.

This glass is chiefly used on command bridges. In order to make the transparent area as large as possible on the bridge, the use of structural sealant glazing suggests itself here. This allows for the realization of extremely narrow window struts.

Since a clear view from the bridge is required, the special glass used is rigorously kept free from distortions. Furthermore, additional specifications, shading systems or wiper systems can be considered.

Brombach + Gess
Brombach + Gess
Brombach + Gess

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