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Brombach + Gess




Sliding window integrated into the facade


    •           Simple and intuitive operation
    •           Moving element and fixed glazing in a single layer – no offset
    •           Mechanically locked and weatherproof
    •           As variants for insulating glass and as single-pane/laminated safety glass variants
      Brombach + Gess
      Brombach + Gess
      Brombach + Gess
      Brombach + Gess
      Brombach + Gess
      Brombach + Gess
      Brombach + Gess
      Brombach + Gess

      Product description

      The innovative design feature of the sliding window system lies in the fact that the sliding element lies in line with the surrounding facade when the window is closed. To open, the sliding element swivels inwards from the facade level and can be slid in front of the adjoining glass element.

      The window can be operated using one hand. By clasping the handle, the brake is released and the window can be moved with very little effort and steplessly positioned.




      The structure is reduced to the essential parts and offers the greatest possible transparency. The window comprises a circumferential support frame which holds the mechanism and guide track for the moving glass element. When opened, the moving glass element moves inward and can be slid in front of the fixed glass element. When closed, the moving glass element lies surrounded by the seal and can be mechanically locked.

      Turn-Key Product

      Ideal refit and refurbish solution

      Turn-key Product

      for maritime refit and refurbishment projects

      Quick and easy installation - saves time and money!


        •           No welding works necessary
        •           Ready-to-install - quick and easy
        •           Ideal for refitting projects
        •           Flexible installation of a fall protection system

        Product Description

        With the prefabricated sliding window element an existing full-size window position can be easily transformed. The sliding window will be delivered as a complete system which fits to the individual size of the desired position. To ensure a fast and easy installation process the unit is already pre assembled.




        The main benefit of the sliding unit is the installation process which can be done during regal cruise operations at any port. Additionally it can cut costs and time since there are no welding works or structural changes necessary.

        Sliding windows are a good solution for efficient natural ventilation in busy areas such as pool decks or public spaces.

        The prefabricated sliding window kit consists of:

        • Moveable Glass
        • Fixed Glass
        • Surrounding steel profile frame
        • Horizontal beam
        • Lower fixed glass

        We deliver the surrounding steel profile frame including the horizontal beam which fits to the individual size of the refit position.
        All glasses are already installed into the steel frame.
        The complete sliding window element is ready to place in the cut out.

        The complete window element is screwed and glued into the ship cut out and sealed.

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