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Brombach + Gess
Brombach + Gess
Brombach + Gess

Structural sealant glazing systems

Glass and adhesives in shipbuilding

30 years ago, Brombach + Gess was the first company to introduce glass bonding in commercial shipbuilding. A new mounting solution was needed for new design requirements such as continuous window bands or glass facades.Here, for the first time, glass was included in construction on a larger scale and was directly bonded to the ship’s structure. 

Facade systems, which are common in onshore building, can only be used to a limited extent on ships, which are subject to movement and torsion during operation. Stress peaks, which lead to breakages and leaks over time, occur between the hull, facade systems and glass. As a result of these conditions, glass bonding suggested itself as a solution.

Today we and a team of specialists, certified as “European Adhesive Bonders” provide for ambitious projects in glass which are implemented reliably and in high quality. Our construction expertise covers smaller inland waterway vessels, river cruise vessels and even cruise ships for long trips.  

Steel and Metal components
With our own metal processing company (B+G Metall GmbH & Co. KG) we are able to offer steel and metal components for our products. This allows us to respond flexibly to our customer wishes.

Brombach + Gess
Brombach + Gess
Brombach + Gess
Brombach + Gess
Brombach + Gess


Our skills – your benefits

  • Product Developments for Future Ship Design
  • Individual and innovative solutions
  • Comprehensive technical advice
  • Constant product improvements
  • Many years of experience
  • High Quality Standards
  • Cooperation with experienced glass suppliers and engineering offices
  • Reliable management of complex projects


For us, the focus is on individual, reliable and innovative solutions for our customers. Quality standards and many years of experience form the basis for our skills. We work together with experienced glass suppliers and engineering firms. With our systems partner, SIKA, we maintain a long-standing and successful collaboration when it comes to adhesive materials.


The focus of our activities is on constant product improvements and product developments for future ship concepts. We therefore stay in regular contact with research institutions.

For our partners, we are a contributor, coworker, driver and doers all at once. Benefit from our comprehensive technical advice and reliable project realization, particularly in the development and management of complex projects.

  • Project work

    Project work

    We provide comprehensive advice and deliver data, facts and experience for your project. 

  • Planning


    Taking the requirements of the owner, shipping company, architect, shipyard, glass and adhesive manufacturers, color suppliers, air condition system manufacturers and regulatory authorities into account, we plan your project for you right up to readiness for construction. 

  • Statics


    Calculation of the glass thickness based on the specified load cases such as climate load, wind load, etc. is done in this phase of your project. 

  • Approval


    We support you in getting approval with calculations and execution of all of the necessary trials and tests.

  • Construction


    There is always a competent contact person on site. Their tasks include coordination with the construction managers and with other trades, adherence to the timetable as a priority. For secure bonding and sealing, our experts are certified as “European Adhesive Bonders”.

  • Acceptance


    Formal acceptance with handover of the corresponding documentation familiarizes the responsible crew members with the functions of the glazing.

  • Service


    Even after delivery of the ship, we do not consider our task to be completed. We are available to the shipping companies’ contact persons at any time for the execution of repairs or modernizations. Information concerning this can be found in the service section of this website.

Brombach + Gess

Glued Fire-resistant glazing


New Development: Glued Fire-resistant glazing

Glued fire-resistant glazing system based on the principle of direct glazing (100% glued concept)

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Brombach + Gess

Retractable glass roof made from composite material


New Development: Panoramic retractable glass roof made from composite material

This new development means effective weight saving, durability, easy maintenance, transparency and innovative design in a new, movable pool roof. The intelligent and architecturally attractive plastic design facilitates a multitude of practical benefits for passengers, shipping companies and shipyards.

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Brombach + Gess

Panoramic Design: Loggia-Cabin Window System


New Development: The Loggia-Cabin Window System

Intelligent use of space, significant potential for cost savings and other practical benefits for passengers, shipping companies and shipyards.

To the product description...


Brombach + Gess

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