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Brombach + Gess




Panoramic retractable glass roof

Glass sliding cover


  • Use public spaces whatever the weather
  • Solar-filtered glass lets enough light in but insulates against the heat
Glass Roof
Glass Roof
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Product description

Use public spaces such as pools, terraces or bars whatever the weather – panoramic retractable glass roofs offer a great solution here.

The spaces can always be used efficiently – sudden changes in weather when traveling in sun-drenched regions are not a problem. The fun continues in the pool, even in the rain. When traveling in remote northern areas with the corresponding temperatures, it is possible to comfortable enjoy a few warm sunbeams with the roof open.

By taking the appropriate glass properties into account in the roof system, extreme heat build-up can be prevented while the roof is closed without reducing the amount of light which is let in.


The controls

The individual roof sections are electronically operated for opening and closing the roof. When closed, inflatable seals ensure that drafts and rains are kept outside, while a comfortable atmosphere prevails inside. The roof is controlled at the press of a button or automatically using sensors. The air conditioning and ventilation system is integrated into the controls.

The roof can be selectively moved using maintenance and emergency programs, or can even be moved and closed mechanically in the event of a power failure.


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Reference Example

Brombach + Gess designed and installed a retractable roof on the Europa II which covers the entire width of the deck with across a span of 22 m and a length of 35 m.

The entire retractable roof is segmented into 6 elements – two fixed areas in the fore and aft sections and four movable elements which can be retracted over the fixed elements.

The objective in the planning for the roof was to develop the lightest and most streamlined structure possible without additional braces and supports. The entire frame structure was made from aluminum, allowing for a weight reduction of 20 t in comparison with a steel structure. The glass in the roof is a laminated solar-filtered glass which keeps to temperatures under the roof at a moderate level. The glass is bonded flat to the aluminum structure. As a result, stress peaks on the glass, caused by the relatively soft aluminum structure, are avoided.

The roof can be stopped in any desired intermediate position. The roof segments are permanently connected by a toothed belt via a self-locking transmission.

The travel speed is 6 m/min. This allows the roof to be opened and closed within 2 minutes.
The roof is remotely controlled. A screen shows all of the operating states and the position of the roof. An additional emergency control panel is located in the wheelhouse.