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Brombach + Gess




NEW: Panoramic retractable glass roof made from composite material

      • High return thanks to a significant weight saving
      • Optical lightness
      • Light plastic construction
      • Easy maintenance
      • No corrosion and lower material fatigue
      • Architectural benefits owing to a more pleasing design
      • Self-supporting structure
          Composite Glass Sliding Roof
          Composite Glass Sliding Roof
          Composite Glass Sliding Roof


          Learn more about the function of the Panoramic retractable glass roof by watching the Video-Clip!

          This new development means effective weight saving, durability, easy maintenance, transparency and innovative design in a new, movable pool roof.
          The intelligent and architecturally attractive plastic design facilitates a multitude of practical benefits for passengers, shipping companies and shipyards.


          Product description

          The retractable roof is placed on the top deck of a passenger ship in order to make an area, for example the pool are, usable in almost any weather conditions. Typically, the roof is made up of various panels. The central panel is motorized and moves along sliding rails in the direction of travel for the ship. The end panels can be movable or fixed (depending on the model). In order to save space on deck, the panels can be slid underneath and between each other. The typical structure of a panel is a self-supporting grill made from GRP. The weight factor has a significant effect on the total weight of the ship, and an even greater effect on the stability calculation since the roof is generally positioned high above the waterline.



          Taking the main functional requirements for a retractable glass roof (weight, easy maintenance, overall architectural appearance) into account, Brombach + Gess has developed a new and innovative lightweight construction in composite material for a retractable glass roof.








          This self-supporting composite design is a modern and beneficial alternative to designs supported on a supporting structure, for example in weight reduction: in comparison with an aluminum roof, a 43% weight saving can be achieved here. This means a net reduction of 20.1 tonnes in the total weight. The total weight saved allows for more lavish fitting out of the ship and increases the possible returns. The weight saved allows for the incorporation of an additional 5-6 standard cabins.

          The composite materials offer additional benefits because they are not vulnerable to corrosion and have better resistance to fatigue.
          Thanks to the new design, the new glass area is increased by 18% and results in a lighter and more aesthetically pleasing structure. The modern grill-type supporting structure with modern semicircular design and the simple modular construction provide additional benefits.
          For an architect’s point of view, in an ideal world, the supporting structure for a design should be invisible. While this is still not entirely possible, the new composite sliding roof from Brombach + Gess comes very close to this ideal.