Brombach + Gess




NEW: Glued Fire-Resistant Glazing

  • More flexibility in design
  • Visually light solution
  • Thinner glasses possible - lower weight
  • No screwed frames - no corrosion
  • Denser than a screwed solution
  • Available with sun coatings

    Pyramare FR3

    A60 MED certificated

    Product Description
    Brombach + Gess has developed a glued fire-resistant glazing system based on the principle of direct glazing (100% glued concept).  
    Fire resistant glazing is used along escape and emergency routes and at lifeboat collecting stations. The product thus forms an essential part of safety on board.




    The specially approved fire-resistant glass, Pyramare FR3, consists of an external pressure pane which is capable of absorbing high loads from wave impact and an internal fire-resistant pane which foams in the event of a fire and insulates against the fire load.

    The fire protection glass is glued directly to the ship's structure. Additional steel frames for holding and securing the glass are not required. The glued solution is significantly more weatherproof than a bolted solution.

    The adhesive and sealant are equipped with insulation to withstand high temperatures in case of fire, in accordance with the requirements of the A60 MED guidelines.

    The Pyramare FR3 glass is considerably lighter than the previous fire-resistant glazing solutions because it does not require a screw-on frame and the thickness of the fire-resistant pane can also be reduced by 9 mm. The glazing system is also available with solar control coatings.

    The glued solution enables elegant designs that blend seamlessly into the ship's glass design. This leads to more flexibility in the design, appears lighter and more inconspicuous.